Yes, you can have it all. For less.
Jan 23rd 2019 - - The president of Castle Group Developments says her company has made it a priority for nearly 20 years to ensure condo buyers are surrounded with the types of amenities that all homeowners value, without breaking the bank.
Jan 19th 2019 - Toronto Star - With a busy life as a grocery store owner and single dad, Pascal Ouellette’s large, single-family home isn’t practical for him anymore.
Like any fast growing community in the Toronto area, the Town of Whitby has to make choices about development that it will need to live with for decades. One of its biggest challenges is where to put increased density and new types of housing as it grows from its current population of 130,000 to a projected 200,000 in the next 10 or so years. But one area in Whitby where you won’t see over-development is its waterfont.
Nov 3rd 2018 - Toronto Sun - Walkability is one of those urban planning buzzwords that sounds good in theory but may leave you wondering if it is only a pipe dream. Consider it good news that we have found two places where it exists for real — one is an established neighbourhood in downtown Toronto and the other is the Town of Whitby. First up is Yorkville, and you can read about it on page 4, where Great Gulf is building a new condo called 8 Cumberland.
Nov 10th 2018 - Toronto Sun - Close to Whitby’s waterfront, with its beaches and trails and with a diversity of parks, recreation facilities, downtown shopping, schools and public transit all close by, the appropriately named Harbour Ten10 Condo in Whitby clearly deserves a ten out of ten when it comes to providing prospective homeowners with exceptional quality of living. In sharp contrast to homes priced beyond the reach of most buyers in the GTA, the suites at

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